Stress in the workplace

A surgeon and a pilotRob And Neil discuss a rise in the number of people suffering from stress in the workplace.

The question is: According to a survey carried out this year, what is considered to be the most stressful job? Is it:

a) A commercial airline pilot

b) A school teacher

c) A surgeon

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

-Written text_pdf


-Vocabulary to understand the text:


a feeling of tension and worry


being unavailable


difficult, hard


people who are paid to work for somebody

taking its toll

causing suffering, harm or damage

public sector

part of the economy that is controlled or supported financially by the government

organisational change

replacing the structure of a workplace with a different one

job security

the probability of someone keeping their job for a long time


jobs which will stop existing

a strategy

a plan to achieve something


professional advice about a problem, often relating to mental health

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