Nyamulagira volcano erupting, Democratic Republic of CongoWhat’s the most dangerous thing you’ve done on holiday? In the Democratic Republic of Congo a very unusual – and possibly dangerous – tourist attraction has come into being. People are flocking to see an erupting volcano!

The question is: which country has the British government advised against all travel to. Is it:

a) Iraq

b) Somalia

c) Afghanistan

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!


Written text-pdf

-Vocabulary to understand the text:


completely vertical


something so scary your hair stands up!


something that can change suddenly and unexpectedly


harmed or damaged, nearly destroyed

mineral resources

things that are found naturally in the earth, such as tin, salt, coal

erupting volcano

a type of mountain which has hot melted rock, steam and ash bursting out of the top


the hot liquid rock which comes out of a volcano and becomes solid as it cools

spewing out

pouring out quickly and in large quantities



to flee

to run away


a person, animal or place that is in danger of being harmed or destroyed


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