TV Addicts

A man walking past televisions in a shopMost people can’t imagine life without TV, yet it’s only 75 years since regular broadcasting began. 

The question is: how many hours a week on average does someone in the UK watch television? Is it:

a) 20 hours

b) 30 hours

c) 40 hours

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

Written text-pdf


The vocabulary to understand the text is:


someone who can’t stop doing something (usually something harmful like taking drugs but also time-consuming activities like watching TV)


a method of communication, such as radio, TV or newspapers


a method of sending messages over long distances using radio or electric signals

to settle for (something)

to accept something less than you hoped for


relating to what can be seen


new or being tried for the first time


relating to powers that we cannot understand


companies that produce things

high definition

a new, high standard for TV quality

spoilt for choice

a phrase meaning to have too many options or things to choose from

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