William and KateRob and Stephen talk about new changes to ancient laws about succession in the British monarchy.

The question is: This is a royal question! Can you tell me which King did the current British Queen, Queen Elizabeth the Second, succeed? Was it:

a) King George the Fifth

b) King George the Sixth

c) King Edward the Eighth

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

-Written text-pdf


-The vocabulary to understand the text is:


act or process of following in order or sequence


a king or queen who reigns over a country


gives up a position of being a king or a queen


no longer useful or relevant


a positive opinion of someone or something


preference of something or someone over other similar things or persons

ruled out

prevented from happening or from being possible


important in history


changes and improvements to the law, social system or institution


carrying out a plan, system or law

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