One of the robots in Robotville FestivalRobotville festival in London’s Science Museum celebrates some of the latest inventions in robot designs in the world. The festival features 20 robots from laboratories across Europe. In the programme we hear that robotics have developed rapidly in Europe for the past few years due to an increase in funding for research.

The question is: when was the word ‘robot’ first used to describe a machine that does the work for humans? Was it in:

a) 1880

b) 1900

c) 1920

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

Written text-pdf


The vocabulary to understand this text is:


a collection of things that are on show to the public


the latest or most advanced


rooms or buildings used for scientific research


to copy someone’s behaviour or speech


the science of designing and operating robots

domestic chores

regular and usually boring tasks you have to do at home

artificial intelligence

computers copying intelligent human behaviour


a good copy of something


a strange or unpleasant feeling of fear

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