Barack Obama and Nicolas SarkozySarkozy told Obama that the Israeli Prime Minister was a liar. It was a private conversation. The only problem was the microphone was turned on. Find out about this and other political gaffes with Neil and Callum.

The question is: A question about Presidents. Who is the President of Germany? Is it:

a) Angela Merkel

b) Christian Wulff

c) Jurgen Klinsmann

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

-Written text-pdf


-The vocabulary to understand the text is:

political gaffes

something a politician says or does which wasn’t meant to be heard and causes embarrassment or offence


heard something without meaning to or without the speakers’ knowledge

ethically unsound

below the standards of their profession


a politeness and respect for someone or something


a person with strong and unreasonable opinions which they won’t change despite evidence

the final nail in the coffin

the last in a series of events leading to the failure of something



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