Aboriginal bones

Aboriginal art (left), Aboriginal woman (right)Rob and Cath talk about why it’s important that Aboriginal bones, which were kept in museums, are being returned to their people.

The  question is:

Where in your body would you find the humerus bone? In your:

a) leg

b) arm

c) head

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme!

-Written text-pdf


-The vocabulary to understand the text is:


A native of a country or region is somebody who was born there.


An object which is of interest to archaeologists, usually something made by humans.


The people we are descended from: our parents, grandparents, etc.


People who originally belonged to a place.


To look after something for someone.


Extreme unhappiness, pain or upset.


A formal or religious event, such as a wedding or a burial.


Actions which are traditionally carried out in a particular situation or ceremony.


Something that makes you feel very emotional.


To put your arms around somebody or something.


A group of people who work together to persuade an organisation to do something.

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