Learn a lot of new things concerning this important part of our body!

1. Respiration
Learn that aerobic respiration is a chemical reaction that occurs in cells to release energy from glucose. Learn the word equation that represents it.

2. Comparing Respiration and Burning
Understand the differences between aerobic respiration and burning.

3. Adaptations of the Alveoli
Understand how the lungs are adapted for efficient gas exchange.

4. The Respiratory System
Learn the structure and function of the respiratory system.

5. Mucous Membrane
Learn how the mucous membrane lining the respiratory system helps to prevent infection.

6. Gas Exchange
Learn that gas exchange is the absorption of oxygen from the air into the blood and the removal of carbon dioxide from the blood.

7. Experiments to Compare Inhaled Air and Exhaled Air
Learn how to compare inhaled and exhaled air.

8. Differences between Inhaled and Exhaled Air
Understand the differences between inhaled and exhaled air.

9. Breathing
Learn how the lungs are ventilated by breathing.

10. Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke
Learn some effects that the different chemicals in cigarette smoke can have on the body.

11. Effects of Smoking on the Lungs
Learn how smoking cigarettes can damage the breathing system.

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