Here you’ll find some important facts about the environment and ecosystems!

1. Interdependence
Learn how different organisms within a community depend on each other for their survival.

2. Habitats
Learn how different habitats have different features which determine the organisms that can live there. 

3. Studying Habitats
Understand the observations and measurements that need to be made when studying a habitat.

4. Adaptations and Survival
Learn how different organisms are adapted to survive in their habitat.

5. Seasonal Changes in Population Size
Understand how some organisms are adapted to survive seasonal changes in their habitats.

6. Competition for Resources
Understand that plants and animals will compete with each other if resources are limited.

7. Population Size
Understand that the size of a population depends on the resources and space available, predators and disease.

8. Sampling Technique
Learn different methods of collecting animals in the wild.

9. Using a Quadrat
Learn how to use a quadrat to estimate a plant population size.

Finally, try these funny games about the environment!

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