Understand the importance of this system for our body and our health! Some important facts about micro-organisms, pathogens and vaccines are also included here.

1. The Circulatory System
Learn the names of the different types of blood vessels, and that substances are exchanged between the blood and cells at capillary walls. 

2. The Heart as a Double Pump
Learn and understand that the heart is a double pump.

3. Structure of the Heart
Learn the basic structure of the heart.

4. Composition of the Blood
Learn the components of blood and understand that many substances are transported dissolved in the plasma.

5. Defence Against Disease
Understand how microbes can enter the body and how the body tries to prevent this from happening.

6. Micro-Organisms
Learn the different types of microbes that can cause disease.

7. White Blood Cells
Learn how the white blood cells defend the body against disease.

8. Blood Plasma
Learn about some of the substances transported in the plasma.

9. Transport of Gases
Learn how oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported around the body.

10. Vaccines
Learn that immunisations and medicines can be used to help the body fight infections.

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