Discover interesting facts about plants and the processes they develop!

1. Photosynthesis
Learn that plants make food by photosynthesis and the word equation that represents it.

2. The Role of the Leaf in Photosynthesis
Learn that the leaf is the organ where photosynthesis occurs and understand how it is adapted for its function.

3. Rate of Photosynthesis
Learn how to measure the rate of photosynthesis and understand what factors affect it.

4. Testing a Leaf for Starch
Learn how to test a leaf for starch.

5. Experiments to see if Chlorophyll and Light are Needed to Make Starch
Learn that chlorophyll and light are needed for a plant to make starch.

6. Water and Mineral Salt Uptake
Learn that root hair cells absorb water and mineral salts from the soil, and understand how they are adapted for this function.

7. Differences Between Photosynthesis and Respiration
Learn the differences between photosynthesis and respiration.

8. Plant Organs
Learn the names and functions of some plant organs.

Now, try these funny games about plants and flowers!

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